Oh, Hey there!

People have called us geeks, people have called us nerds, which nowadays is a good thing and is considered as a compliment (so, yes, Thank you! We are flattered).

We LOVE the Internet. Things are just so much easier, faster, awesomer and fun on Internet so we use it for almost anything and we know how to make the best use out of it. Although Tough Zebra would love to be the solution for all your problems, we just solve all of your web and mobile problems which we are pretty good at if we may say so ourselves. We understand you, what you do and what you need to offer, so we help you to have the most efficient solution to develop your business faster, smarter and last but not least, took damn good. Our office is located in Amsterdam, but honestly in this digital time, you can find us everywhere! When ever you need us, just email, call or Skype us, we will be there to understand what you need and deliver that. We focus on the development of Web and iOS applications with an astonishing illustrative approach that involves usability, user interface and experience design.

If you need a website or an application that would improve your business, if you have an idea and want to make it into a business or if you just want to make your clients or employees' life easier and create an application they could intuitively be used on their computers, iPads and iPhones, call us! We do it well, we do it fast, we do it affordable and above all it will look amazing.

Check out our latest works bellow:


We are the pioneers, the early adapters when it comes to high end technology and programming languages. We make our websites and web applications work perfectly and on any browser. HTML5 gives us so much room to play and make web so much more fun to create great stuff for. So we have become pro at HTML5 to use it when we like.


A website or an application can not only be working good, it also has to look good! With CSS(3) we make everything so shiny that even gods themselves start to cry from joy! And to top it all off, everything that is web based, is always compatible on all your popular devices.


We like to make things move. jQuery makes your website comes to live with awesome features. Let us implement jQuery to your website to see how it can change your website!


A website that has a lot of content has to have a good backbone. A good database can make everything go smoothly, by using MySQL we try to make the communication between your website front end and the database work seamlessly so that you and your clients would never notice any problems.




PHP is our main ingredient when it comes to creating websites or web applications. Our own Michael Koek has been crowned the king of PHP in our company, he creates from the most beautiful and simple to the most complex and genius websites and applications with PHP.



All our illustrations and designs come from this little bad boy! Illustrator is the key to perfect vector design. We do not joke around when it comes to illustrations! Only awesome designs get through!


Our design department has a weird fetish, it's called 'Pixelfilia', it's when someone loves to work so precise that every pixel has to be perfectly placed and colored! We are the masters of Photoshop!


We live in a digital world (with digital monsters) where information goes so fast that you can order a pizza in matter of seconds. So the information 'highway' needs a fast mobile 'car' to bring people closer to their needs. Thats why our biggest focus is mobile devices!